8 free range eggs
2 + 1 tbsp butter
Drizzling heavy cream (optional)
4 tbsp of fresh chives
8-12 slices of salmon lox
Salt and pepper
4 unsweetened Piccola Cucina Tart shells

In a room temperature heavy bottom saucepan, place whole cracked eggs, and 2 tbsp butter.  Place saucepan over medium heat, begin to stir with a wooden spoon. Eggs will start to break up, butter will begin to melt and eggs will start scramble.  Stir eggs alternating on and off stove, you want to maintain a creamy consistency.  When eggs appear almost scrambled remove from heat, stir in drizzling of heavy cream and last tbsp. of butter, this will stop the cooking process.  Season with salt, pepper and chives.  Set aside.

Place 2-3 lox in base of tart shells, pour eggs on top of the lox and serve.