An Almond First & Gluten Free Company

We are a multi-generational, women owned and operated business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We specialize in gluten-free, dairy-free healthy, simple ingredient foods and have been in business for over 10 years. We are the premier manufacturer of almond based, healthy indulgent creations. Our Italian Amaretti Almond Macaroon Cookies, Almond Pie Crusts and finely milled Almond Flour are sold across Canada in over 300 retailers, on, and and we are a Staples promotional products partner.

Anita Romolo (L) & Pina Romolo (R)


We know how difficult it can be to find allergy-friendly, limited ingredient foods that taste great. You shouldn't have to compromise on flavour because of diet restrictions or allergies. At Piccola Cucina, we are dedicated to developing nutritious indulgences and panty goods you can incorporate into your daily lives without having to worry about allergy contraindications.

Our Facility
Our dedicated gluten-free facility is Kosher and HACCP certified. All our products are made with almonds as the first ingredient. When using minimal ingredients, the quality of the inputs is just as important as the care and attention taken when crafting the finished product. Because we use only premium and few ingredients, our macaroons are inherently free from many of the top allergens except for tree nuts - making us a leader in the healthy indulgent space.

Our Almonds

True to Italian tradition, high end premium products require the absolute best ingredients - this is why we have sourced the best almonds to make our delicious macaroons. Our almonds are sourced from a 3rd generation family farm in San Joaquin Valley, California, a BRC certified, bee-friendly and sustainable almond farm.

Our Values
We approach our business holistically so that our impact on people & planet is sustainable. Piccola Cucina manages sustainability efforts by minimizing byproducts, achieving zero food waste, recycling processing and packaging materials, and conserving energy and water. We source from suppliers committed to diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. We align with organizations that understand the importance of committing to diversity and inclusion and ensure that our team is made up of people from all walks of life. It is our belief that our diversity is our strength and competitive advantage.

Piccola Cucina staff photo in the bakery kitchen (left to right) Chrissy, Yafit, Maya, Sarah, (front) Anita, Pina
A Brief History of Macaroons - Created by Italian Monks; Perfected by Piccola Cucina

There is a lot of debate about the exact origin of Macaroons, although many histories believe this confection can be traced back to Italian monasteries. The first macaroons were almond meringue cookies similar to today’s amaretti, with a crisp crust and a soft interior. They were made from egg whites and almond paste (a combination of equal parts of ground blanched almonds and sugar, mixed with egg whites). The name of the cookie comes from the Italian word for paste, maccarone (mah-kah-ROW-nay). Today, these treats are enjoyed all over the world in a variety of styles.


Fast forward to 2009 and Piccola Cucina (Little Kitchen) was born from a passion for family, love, sharing and enjoying good quality food.
Piccola Cucina now provides an ever-growing selection of products that warm the heart and comfort the soul, including a variety of flavour creations of the traditional Macaroon.

Buon Appetito!