1 cup icing sugar
1 cup ground almonds
6 tbsp  grated bittersweet chocolate 
- (substitute chocolate chips in a food processor)
6 tbsp rum, dark is preferred, however amber or spiced works too
1 tsp natural vanilla flavour(mint or coffee makes a great substitute)
Pinch of salt

One or more of the following:  Chocolate shot, sprinkles, unsweetened coconut, cocoapowder, ground chocolate, crushed amaretti, finely ground pistachios

In large bowl, whisk icing sugar, almonds, salt and bittersweet chocolate. Stir in the rum and vanilla until solid moist mass. Press together. Chill until firm enough to roll, about 20 minutes.
Roll by rounded teaspoonfuls into balls, moving quickly so as to avoid melting.  Moisten and wipe hands with a damp cloth as needed. Roll balls into the topping of your choice.  Keep in fridge or freezer until ready to serve.